danish - swedish director & performing artist

I create, perform & produce collaborative, contemporary & practice-based performing arts, either independently or as part of my nordic performing arts collective BRAVO TOGA ︎︎︎

I work cross-disciplinairy in the field between theater & dance by means of writing, filming, scoring, choreographing & larping. I like to engage in performing arts theory & do artistic research & have been part of several cross-sectorial projects combining practice & theory.
My background is within movement-based work and I enjoy conceptualising, deconstructing and rethinking the performing arts production, expression & methods, in order to let the practice - the “doing” of a subject - create the performance. My work explores formats of the performing arts “setup” by means of immersion, interaction & translating existing film-documentaries into/onto the stage.

born 1988
based in copenhagen & stockholm
works in denmark, sweden, finland & germany


I am member in KOMMA Performance Productions (DK)
I am member & boardmember in the cooperative Interim Kultur (SE)

My nordic performing arts collective BRAVO TOGA has been active since 2016 & consists of Anna Kuusamo from Finland, Lena Bondeson from Denmark & Sara Ribbenstedt from Sweden. We work with theater & dance & are situated as a cross-disciplinairy, humouristic & experimental collective in contemporary free field in Denmark, Finland & primary Sweden. 


The Danish National School of Performing Arts  // MFA Directing (2019-2022)
exchange: Choreography & Performance CUP - JLU Giessen (DE)

Stockholm University of the Arts //   BA Physical Acting (2012-2015)
practicum: Turteatern, Stockholm (SE)

In 2022 I completed my MFA with an exchange to the highly recognised MA program CUP (choreography & performance) in Giessen, at the Justus Liebig Universität, Germany.
During my 2-year Artistic Research in directing at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, we - I together with a team of 8 core-collaborators & several associated collaborators - developed the method “squatting” and “sloppy immersion” as an approach to paraphrase a filmdocumentary onto stage. By filming ourselves role-playing a real documentary (about the heavy-metal band Metallica) we created our own fake documentary & turned it into a combined mockumentary showing & live larp-performance (live action role-playing) called Something Else Matters. In participating performance-philosoher Dr. Phil. Jonas Schnor PhD dissertation - “Microdramaturgy - between Practice and Event: A Performance Philosophy“ - our methodology was described and theorized in chapter 5: “Sloppy immersion”. 

During the winter of 2022-2023 I was in a producer-practicuum to theater manager Eva Præstiin and artistic researcher Mette Tranholm at the Betty Nansens Theater in Copenhagen.

In 2017-2019 I participated as a performance artist in Girling Together: A Dialouge - an inter-sectorial nordic collaboration between director Linda Forsell from the queer-feminist performance collective PotatoPotato (SE) and the nordic network FlickForsk! Nordic Network for Girlhood Studies. Through intersectional dialogue and method-development, we challenged the perceptions of how young femininity is portrayed on stage and our methods and artistic writing was published in the book Girling Together: A Dialouge november 2019.

︎ Jacob Danielsson (1st), Adrienne Hayden (2nd & 3rd)