Game mastered by Lena Bondeson & co-created by The Monster Squat

SOMETHING ELSE MATTERS is simultaneously an immersive live-performed larp-performance (live action role-play) and screening of the mockumentary Something Else Matters. By paraphrasing the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, about the famous heavy metal band Metallica, The Monster Squat - a fictive larp group -role-played Metallica and filmed a documentary about their own journey of “becoming a band”:
Over two years they lived, larped and learned from the best none other than Metallica, how to, or how not, be a band.

With this album we want to unleash the new sound of a future performance art canon and perhaps even a new dogma: the “squatting” of filmdocumentaries as a performance practice; like bz’ere squats a house, we squat the realities of others. Honouring the lazy rebellion as a punk default, we drag what is not neccessarily given to us, in a deliberately “sloppy immersion”. 

SOMETHING ELSE MATTERS - an album release by the Monster Squat
Come feel our insecure insides and b-sides. Join us when we raise the volume on our master-cuts and reveal our bloopers, with this live performance and showing of our “album” - the mockumentary: Something Else Matters!


︎ In The Monster Squat we don´t have to play instruments in order to be a band - LARPing is our music (or as our producer Bob usually puts it: “Don´t rely on pitch, but what you hear”)

︎ In the Monster Squat we make angry paraphrases of Metallica without negative energy (or as our bandtherapist Phil says it: “Get into The Zone - and destroy”)

︎ Therapy is a missile - we aim to use it wisely
(or as Jason used to say before he left the band: “Therapy is lame” - but conflicts are worse)

︎︎︎ TRAILER ︎

︎︎︎ FULL “ALBUM”  pw: Metallica ︎

Microdramaturgy - between Practice and Event: A Performance Philosophy
      by Dr. Phil. Jonas Schnor
      chapter 5: “Sloppy immersion”

    Thursday 20 of may at 20:00
    Friday 21 of may at 20:00
    Saturday 22 of may at 20:00

Justus Liebig Universität, Germany
    Screening without the surrounding larp: 1st of dec

LENA BRUUN BONDESON Gamemaster*, performer and bandmember (Drummer)
KAROLINE SEVERINSEN Performer and bandmember (Lead singer)
THOMAS DIEPEVEEN Performer and bandmember (Lead guitarist)
IDA KATINKA FRIDAN PEDERSEN Performer and bandmember (Dad)
THERESA LANGE OLESEN Performer and bandmember and -producer (Producer)
LARA OSTAN VEJRUP Performer and bandtherapist (Therapist)
JONAS SCHNOR Performancephilosopher and bandmanager (Manager)
ANNE LAYBOURN Performer and bandmember (Bassist)
DITTE BONDESON Psychologist and bandassistent (Runner)

*Direction, producing, video editing, costume- & light design, scenography, transcript & translation.

Groupies and other credits
KRISTINE LAURITZEN (Performer and "Horse Whisperer"), ANDERS FIRING (Performer, psychologist and short-term bandmember), LINE WINTER OLESEN (Dramaturg, performer and former bandmember), EMILIE GREGERSEN (Dancer and former bandmember), JAN BASTIAN MARTHINSEN (photography), NADJDA MATTIOLI (photography), HANNES SIGFRIEDSSON (drums mockumentary), MORTEN BROK (drums mockumentary and short-term bandmember), INGUNN FJELLANG SÆTHER (light design support), SIMON AHLGREN (kaospilot), ROLF BONDESON and 'håndbold-drengene' and DASPA -The Danish National School of Performing Arts and especially to MIKKEL FLYVHOLM (mentor).

︎ Jan Bastian Marthinsen, Nadja Mattioli,
Aske Loewe (poster)